The underdog

As ESPN put it this morning The yanks vs.the three lions. The first USA game is going to be tough for our country England is known to be a high quality team with high expectations in this World Cup. But, turning back time to the pain vs. US game, US has proven they can possibly rally for an upset or at least make it a close game. The one thing I would love to witness-even if I don’t see it happening-is USA coming out on top of England and having the underdog start of the Cup. The tournament that is known for upsets and dreams coming true!


~ by amyers12 on June 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “The underdog”

  1. I love to see upsets. Especially, when it makes our country look better. It’s funny that people in the U.S. unite when it comes to competing against other nations. I guess the U.S. is the land of the free and the home of the competitors.

  2. Upsets make the game more interesting. Whether or not the U.S can pull it off remains to be seen. But if we have a lot of faith in our contries team we could very well pull it off.

  3. underdogs or not, EVERYBODY

  4. underdogs or not, EVERYBODY will be excited and watching Saturday. Nice job keeping up with everything over the last month

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