Not only is the World Cup one of the biggest sports events in the world it’s the largest gathering of fans; you have to image the amount of people who will be attending from all over the world-and the language barrier that will follow from the melting pot of cultures. 

Another concern has popped up…security issues. In Tembisa, South Africa  at a  friendly soccer match  of Nigeria v. North Korea , 15 people were injured soon following a stampede that broke out. FIFA is stating the stampede was due to ‘excited’ fans and is not a concern of security glitches to come June 11-July11. But, other sources are stating is was due to a rush to get to the gate where FIFA gave out free tickets. In this economy who wouldn’t want free tickets? Should FIFA take the heat on this one…I think so.


~ by amyers12 on June 8, 2010.

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