As we all know, I am counting down to June 11, the day the world stops and the games begin! To get everyone excited, mark your calanders becuase June 12, this Saturday, at 2:30 ET USA plays England. A grand way to kick off the first leg of the Cup for the Americans!!!

For more infor about schedules-


~ by amyers12 on June 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “FIRST GAME!”

  1. So, let’s ask the obvious question Alex, will the hype around the World Cup help inspire more US interest in soccer BEYOND THE YOUTH LEVEL? There is clearly a talented athletic ‘pool’ in our country, but many of the best and brightest athletes stray to other sports.


    Great blog and BEAT ENGLAND.

    • Hello Halliday-
      I think ABC and ESPN, plus other sponsers see that the World Cup can help them branch out to younger audiences and a wide range of consumers. But, as for the World Cup inspiring interest beyond the youth level for soccer-I don’t think so. I know I watch soccer due to my background in the sport and I feel as if others that will watch more then just the US games are also in that boat-there are always exceptions though. The Cup may gain first time viewers-but spreading soccer into America and gaining viewership thats rallys with America’s other sports, well soccer has a few more years to come.

  2. What channels will this be broadcasted on because I might watch it?

  3. Thank you for letting me know that Alex!

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