So Soon!

With the World Cup approaching so fast, the air is starting to get heavy with excitement! The 8 groups are doing their final preps for the Cup’s kick off on June 11 at 10 am eastern time! From final roster checks, final practices and final game day starters; the excitement is hard to contain. Also fun to think about is the 10 different stadiums South Africa has to entertain the World Cup. From ESPN:

Soccer City, Johannesburg

Capacity: 91,700 | Built: 1989

These venues are at the highest quality of soccer stadiums! If these don’t get you excited, nothing will!


~ by amyers12 on June 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “So Soon!”

  1. Slowly but surely, it is coming…in your opinion what is best case scenario for U.S.? Any chance vs. England?

  2. I just think it is amazing that there are 10 stadiums. I just saw a commercial about England and America playing this weekend, well I think that’s who they said we were playing. Do you think America will win?

    • I do not think we will win overall World Cup…I believe we will advance out of our group, but I think Spain or Argentina will win!!

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