Soccer Overload

It is not hard to admit that soccer hasn’t truly ‘caught on’ in America. But across the pond…soccer is their life! So for a short month, June 11- July 11, America gets into the soccer mania. ESPN and ABC have caught on to this trend, and maybe that is how to explain that ESPN,, ABC and MobileTV plan to cover all 64 matches of the month-long journey. All 4 media outlets, covering 1 tournament, all 64 matches over 10 stadiums in South Africa. Think of the investment Disney put into the World Cup (since I’m figuring they are using their synergy and going to get some investment back). So regarding synergy, how many Disney plugs do you think their will be during commercials?

For more on scheduling tune into :


~ by amyers12 on May 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Soccer Overload”

  1. You make a valid point that soccer hasn’t quite caught on in America, but I feel like it increases every year. So many more people are getting into the World Cup every year and starting to appreciate it’s value….Are you going to offer us any of your predictions??

  2. It’s good to see that America is getting on board by supporting the World Cup!

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