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Thirty minutes and counting down…South Africa and Mexico are starting off the Cup today in great home court fashion. The game has been widely publicized and so has the Cup! The historic day is here, the home country finally getting their first home court for hosting the Cup and the country is buzzing with energy. The bid for South Africa was announced 6 years ago, so a long-awaited day is finally here. Hopefully South Africa shines with the world watching!

Also playing today is France vs. Uruguay. This historical game is a familiar feeling to the Uruguayan team, since winning the very first World Cup and hosting the Cup in 1930. The first World Cup was held in 1930 and only had 12 teams in the tournament. So this second game of the day is as it is a reinactment of the 1930s games.

My piks for the day are- South Africa and Uruguay.


The underdog

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As ESPN put it this morning The yanks vs.the three lions. The first USA game is going to be tough for our country England is known to be a high quality team with high expectations in this World Cup. But, turning back time to the pain vs. US game, US has proven they can possibly rally for an upset or at least make it a close game. The one thing I would love to witness-even if I don’t see it happening-is USA coming out on top of England and having the underdog start of the Cup. The tournament that is known for upsets and dreams coming true!


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As we all know, I am counting down to June 11, the day the world stops and the games begin! To get everyone excited, mark your calanders becuase June 12, this Saturday, at 2:30 ET USA plays England. A grand way to kick off the first leg of the Cup for the Americans!!!

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Not only is the World Cup one of the biggest sports events in the world it’s the largest gathering of fans; you have to image the amount of people who will be attending from all over the world-and the language barrier that will follow from the melting pot of cultures. 

Another concern has popped up…security issues. In Tembisa, South Africa  at a  friendly soccer match  of Nigeria v. North Korea , 15 people were injured soon following a stampede that broke out. FIFA is stating the stampede was due to ‘excited’ fans and is not a concern of security glitches to come June 11-July11. But, other sources are stating is was due to a rush to get to the gate where FIFA gave out free tickets. In this economy who wouldn’t want free tickets? Should FIFA take the heat on this one…I think so.

So Soon!

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With the World Cup approaching so fast, the air is starting to get heavy with excitement! The 8 groups are doing their final preps for the Cup’s kick off on June 11 at 10 am eastern time! From final roster checks, final practices and final game day starters; the excitement is hard to contain. Also fun to think about is the 10 different stadiums South Africa has to entertain the World Cup. From ESPN:

Soccer City, Johannesburg

Capacity: 91,700 | Built: 1989

These venues are at the highest quality of soccer stadiums! If these don’t get you excited, nothing will!

Final Rosters

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The U.S. National team, who is to appear in the 2010 World Cup, announced yesterday 7 cuts from the roster. Bob Bradley, the National team coach announced his final 23 player roster on Sportscenter yesterday afternoon. No big surprises were made; except the addition of Herculez Gomez and Edson Buddle. The two forwards came real competition for the squad over the past two exbition matches. The U.S. team looks forward to their first match vs. Englad in Group C.

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Soccer Overload

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It is not hard to admit that soccer hasn’t truly ‘caught on’ in America. But across the pond…soccer is their life! So for a short month, June 11- July 11, America gets into the soccer mania. ESPN and ABC have caught on to this trend, and maybe that is how to explain that ESPN,, ABC and MobileTV plan to cover all 64 matches of the month-long journey. All 4 media outlets, covering 1 tournament, all 64 matches over 10 stadiums in South Africa. Think of the investment Disney put into the World Cup (since I’m figuring they are using their synergy and going to get some investment back). So regarding synergy, how many Disney plugs do you think their will be during commercials?

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